Kherson State University

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ПІБ: Співаковський Олександр Володимирович
Установа: Kherson State University
Факультет: Факультет фізики, математики та інформатики
Кафедра: Кафедра інформатики, програмної інженерії та економічної кібернетики


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Design and development of information system of scientific activity indicators + +
Using ICT in training scientific personnel in Ukraine: Status and perspectives + +
University as a corporation which serves educational interests + +
Three-Subjective Didactic Model + +
Conceptualization of university structure as a complex mechanism serving educational interests + +
Finite 2-groups with a supercomplemented cyclic subgroup + +
An analog of the Frattini subgroup + +
A class of groups having C-separating subgroups + +
Structure of separately factorable finite groups + +
ICT advanced training of university teachers
Web indicators of ICT use in the work of Ukrainian dissertation committees and graduate schools as element of open science + +
Information and communication technologies in education, research, and industrial application: 10th International Conference, ICTERI 2014 Kherson, Ukraine, June 9–12, 2014 revised selected papers + +
Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications: 9th International Conference, ICTERI 2013, Kherson, Ukraine, June 19-22, 2013, Revised Selected Papers + +


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