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ПІБ: Мойсієнко Іван Іванович
Установа: Kherson State University
Факультет: Факультет біології, географії і екології
Кафедра: Кафедра ботаніки


ID: 23467376800
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Документи: 13
Цитування: 91

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High genetic diversity in fragmented Iris pumila L. populations in Ukrainian steppe enclaves + +
Isolation and patch size drive specialist plant species density within steppe islands: a case study of kurgans in southern Ukraine + +
Cultural monuments and nature conservation: a review of the role of kurgans in the conservation and restoration of steppe vegetation + +
The value of small habitat islands for the conservation of genetic variability in a steppe grass species + +
Flora differentiation among local ecotopes in the transzonal study of forest–steppe and steppe mounds + +
Flora Differentiation among Local Ecotopes in the Transzonal Study of Forest-Steppe and Steppe Mounds + +
What is Allium paniculatum? Establishing taxonomic and molecular phylogenetic relationships within A. sect. Codonoprasum + +
Microzonal distribution of soils and plants along the catenas of mound structures + +
Kurgans help to protect endangered steppe species in the Pontic grass steppe zone, Ukraine + +
The value and need for protection of kurgan flora in the anthropogenic landscape of steppe zone in Ukraine + +
Impact of the invasive species Elaeagnus Angustifolia L. on vegetation in pontic desert steppe ZONE (Southern Ukraine) + +
The floristic differentiation of microhabitats within kurgans in the desert steppe zone of southern Ukraine + +
The flora of kurgans in the steppe zone of southern Ukraine - Phytogeographical and ecological aspects + +


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